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Florida Grant Opportunities

Grants will be posted here as we become aware of them including their due date for submission, any specific requirements imposed by the donor and our anticipated award announcement date.  For those grants administered by Florida Robotics Education, you will not receive cash.  We will pay for the registration, robot kit and/or Field Setup for you for the program you would like to compete in.

Your Commitment:  When you accept a grant administered by us, you must commit to take your team to competition this season (typically between mid November and mid-January).  Failure to do this will require return of the Robotics Kit to Florida Robotics Education.

Florida Grants

FP&L Grants -- FP&L has some limited funding for new robotics teams.  Send an email to MAUREEN.WILT@fpl.com with a team budget and justification for the grant.


NEW NASA GRANTS - Information coming soon!